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We create what the world truly pursues.

There are so many 'uncertains' everywhere in the world including Japan.
Some of them are easy to resolve, others are not.
We will be the one who can find the solutions for 'uncertains'.
We contribute to become a better world by providing great products & services.


"Plasmalogen" is getting attention for possibly prevention of dementia.
REMORY, a healthcare supplement containing plasmalogen, is approved a s "Foods with Functional Claims" by Japanese government.

【Functional Contains】
1mg plasmalogen derived from sea squirt
【Functional Claims】
This product contains plasmalogen derived from sea squirt. It is reported that this plasmalogen could hold visual memory such a s recognizing faces, remembering where you put things a nd if you lock the door o r not.
REMORY is suited to the elder generation which ha s problems remembering things.

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